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Green Anchors

4 Sided Pyramid Anchor

4 Sided Pyramid Anchor

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The 4 Sided Pyramid is the “Jack of all Trades” Anchor. It holds well in all types of river bottoms. It is easy to retrieve and is our most popular model.

Green Anchors build the only environmentally friendly raft and drift boat anchor available. They start with a 3/16” steel outer case. They then use 100% recycled lead that they source from recycling yards across the country to fill that case. Once filled, we cap the case to essentially trap the lead inside forever. They use no paint, powdercoat or other toxic coating on the anchor to prevent contamination to our waterways. Essentially, they are helping eliminate lead across the country while producing a product that is safe to use in our nations precious rivers, lakes and streams. Their anchors are extremely easy to clean and visually inspect therefore eliminating the chance of transporting those unwanted guests. Read more about Aquatic Invasive Species.

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