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Clipper Canoes

Custom Canoes

Custom Canoes

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Looking for the perfect canoe?  We are confident you will find it in a custom composite Clipper built just for you!
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Need help deciding what you want? We love helping our customers get set up with the perfect boat! Text or call 1-406-219-7285 today.

  • Clipper makes a wide range of canoe models for touring, recreational paddling, solo canoeing, sportsman and racers!
  • Canoe construction materials available include Fiberglass and Kevlar® in Ultralight, Duraflex and Custom layups. Alternative materials such as carbon fiber may be available upon request.
  • Standard gel coat colors are yellow, red, white, avocado, ice blue and sand.
  • Trim is silver anodized aluminum with aluminum thwarts. Black anodized aluminum trim is available for a surcharge.
  • Plastic bucket seats are also a standard feature though Prospectors have wood/web seats on fiberglass hangers.
  • Flat wood yokes are available for models that do not come standard with them. Deep dish yokes are also an option. Yokes are not standard in 17 Jensen, 18 Jensen, Whitewater II, canoes with angler pkg, solos, and racing canoes.


  • Yukon and Ranger models feature ribless hull construction, bucket seats and footbraces. The Yukon is available in white only, and can be ordered with a sliding seat and wood yoke options.
  • Fiberglass Escapes, Scouts, and Cascades feature ribbed hulls. Bucket seats, footbrace and center thwart are standard. The Cascade comes with a wood yoke and we recommend a sliding bow seat.
  • Tripper-S, Tripper and Sea Clipper come standard with sliding bow seat, footbrace and wood yoke. Tripper-S features a kneeling thwart for solo paddling.
  • The MacKenzie canoes come standard with a foam core, sliding bow seat, footbrace and flat wood yoke.
  • Prospectors are built with a ribless hull construction. Wood/Web seats are standard and mounted on fiberglass hangers. Plastic bucket seats and footbraces mounted on aluminum angle are available. Fiberglass 16 and 17 Prospectors come standard with wood yokes.
  • Cabibou 'S' is built with a foam core hull construction. Wood/web seat is standard and mounted on composite hangers. Plastic bucket seat and footbrace mounted on aluminum angle is available.
  • The Packer and Solitude come standard with footbrace and bucket seat.
  • The Freedom comes standard with foam core in both layups. The footbrace and 3-height adjustable sliding seat are also standard features.
  • The MacKenzie Sports are square sterns and will accomodate a motor. All come standard with a foam core, stern adjustable footbrace and portage yoke. The 16-6 and 18 MacSports come standard with a sliding bow seat and stern wood web seat. The 15 MacSport features wood web seats.
  • All 17 and 18 Jensen feature foam cores. Bucket seats, sliding bow seat, and footbrace are standard.



Beam @ 4" Waterline:
Bow Height:
Stern Height:
Center Height:


Free in store pickup on all boats. Upon purchase we will contact you when it is ready. If you need your new boat ASAP please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to accommodate. Same day pickup is often available.

Local delivery is available in the shopping cart for customers within 100 miles of the store.

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