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First Water Boats is the only Clipper Canoe dealer in the western United States. We can help you determine the best Clipper canoe for your paddling adventure trips.

For almost 50 years, Canadian-based Clipper Canoes has been hand-building specialized canoes. They offer 40 different models including recreational, river tripping, solo, square stern, racing, flatwater and big canoes.

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First Water Canoe Customization Services and Repair

Are you looking to customize or refurbish your canoe? We offer a variety of services including motor mounts, third row seats, sliding bucket seats, custom yokes, lashing kits, rowing rigs, spray skirt installation and thigh pads.

Canoe Customization Repair and Modification

Canoe Design

Canoe design influences maneuverability, speed, load capacity, stability and more. Hull bottoms, bow designs and hull sides all play a critical role in the art of Clipper's canoe building process.

Clipper Canoe Design

Canoe Buying Guide

Touring or Family canoes are ideal for multi-day trips - providing stability and optimal load capacity.

Recreational canoes are ideal for everyday paddling, flatwater day trips and are a great fit for all skill levels.

Solo or Sportsman canoes offer versatility and efficiency. They are light enough for portaging but tough enough to handle river paddling or flatwater fishing.

Square Stern canoes are built to accommodate small motors, providing canoeists the option to troll or paddle.

Racing canoes are streamlined for competitive paddling, offering speed and precision to deliver optimum performance for marathon or flat water racers.

Big canoes are ideal for long group trips. Seating up to 18 people, they provide on water community building.

Clipper Canoe Buyers Guide

Canoe Selection

The Clipper Canoe Selector chart helps canoeists determine the ideal general recreational, wilderness, touring, solo or square stern watercraft for the ultimate paddling adventure.

Clipper Canoe Selector Chart

Canoe Construction Materials

Clipper Canoes employ five different fiberglass and Kevlar composite layups including Kevlar®, Ultralight, Custom Kevlar® and Duraflex Kevlar®.

Clipper Canoe Construction Materials


Canoe Trim

Customize your canoe's appearance and functionality. Clipper Canoes are available with standard silver aluminum or black anodized aluminum trim.  Add white or black gunnel protectors for storing your canoe.

Clipper Canoe Trim Options

Canoe Performance

Contour bucket seats, thigh brace pads, adjustable seats and footbrake can maximize canoe control, comfort, and efficiency.

Clipper Canoe Performance System
Cutter Canoe Performance System

Custom Canoe Orders

A custom Clipper canoe can be built to your specifications.

Clipper Canoe Custom Orders