How to Portage a Canoe

How to Portage a Canoe

Canoeing can take you all over the world exploring beautiful and isolated waters.  Essential to getting your canoe to the water and traversing land bridges between lakes or rivers, is your ability to portage the boat. The short video below demonstrates how to pick up a canoe, carry it with the yoke, and place it back down. 



    1. When picking up the canoe, use your knee to help boost it up onto your shoulders.
    2. A properly placed yoke is positioned slightly in front of the center of gravity, tipping the canoe front up to allow the canoeist to see as they walk. 
    3. Place your hands on the gunnels just in front of the yoke to stabilize the boat.
    4. Get a contoured yoke if you plan on portaging long distances.
    5. Secure your paddles on the thwarts with bungee straps on long portages.
    6. Get a Kevlar Clipper Canoe, they are way lighter!
    7. Embrace the long portage ahead. If you're in need of motivation, think about the racers in the WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge portaging their canoes 40 miles from St. George to Fargo. 
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