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Canoe Services

Canoe Services

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Based in Bozeman, Montana, we offer maintenance, modifications, installation, customization and repairs for canoes & kayaks. We help with damage to gelcoat and laminate, wood, fiberglass, metal and composite boats including punctures, gouges, scratches, dents, cracks, bent, broken or loose yokes, gunnels, flotation tanks, rivets, bang plates, seats and more.
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Select your desired service from the drop down menu above. If you don't see your desired service, please contact us for a quote.

  • Buff and Wax will remove minor surface scratches in the gel coat and restore a brilliant shine to your boat.
  • Exterior Gel Coat includes the repair of deep scratches into the gel coat and minor fiberglass work on the exterior. We use top marine grade epoxies, fillers and fiberglass fabrics. The exterior surface is then sanded, sealed with an epoxy gel coat, buffed and waxed.  Various gel coat colors are available.
  • Expedition Skirt Installation
  • Foot Brace Installed: By placing the balls of your feet against the bar, you are able to pull the canoe forward using your whole body. If your feet are not braced, the only thing pulling the canoe forward with your stroke is the friction of the seat of your pants on the seat. The footbrace is telescopic and is adjustable for different sized paddlers.
  • Gunnel Cover Installed: Plastic gunnel protector. Available in black or white. Gunnel cover will add 3-4 lbs. to the canoe’s overall weight, but is a suggested upgrade when storing your canoe on the gunnel, or when high impact is expected on the gunnels. *Gunnel cover in image is cut to show the difference between gunnel with the cover on vs without the gunnel cover on. Gunnel cover comes standard in lengths to cover the entire gunnel on the canoe, as per intended use.
  • Kevlar Bang Plates Installed: A protective layer of Kevlar is epoxied onto the bottom of the boat at the bow and stern in the high impact areas.  Does not include repainting or a gel coat over, so you will see the yellow honeycomb colored fabric unless painted.
  • Kneeling Thwart Installed: For solo paddling, this thwart can be easily removed when not in use.
  • Motor Mount Support Installed: Aluminum angle supports allow a 1 to 2.5 HP motor to be mounted behind the stern seat.  NOTE: motor mount is sold separately.
  • Seat Hanger Installed - Fiberglass: A fiberglass seat hanger is attached using sealed rivets, allowing a bench seat to be mounted. 
  • Seat Hanger Installed - Kevlar: A Kevlars seat hanger is attached using sealed rivets, allowing a bench seat to be mounted.
  • Sliding Seat Installed:Plastic contoured tractor seats for added comfort, control and efficiency. Adjustable, sliding seats allow the canoeists to trim the canoe quickly and easily. 
  • Wilderness Lash System Installed: Lashing kit for wilderness tripping and for moving water. Lashing kit adjusts to tie gear down to prevent your load from shifting during turbulent paddling. (8) d-rings are glued to the bottom of the hull. Nylon webbing is secured to the d-rings which lashes the gear down with snapping buckles.
  • Yoke Installed - Contoured: A must have for portaging, yokes will make carrying your canoe easier. For the ultimate in comfort, the deep dish yoke molds to the shape of the shoulders and neck, making the portage a little more comfortable.
  • Yoke Installed - Flat: A must have for portaging, flat yokes will make carrying your canoe easier.