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YakGadget YuPIK Console Tray

YakGadget YuPIK Console Tray


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Need to tidy up your tackle on your YuPIK? Our YakGadget YuPIK Console Tray can help you out! Features five slots to accommodate 3740 Plano or Edge series tackle boxes, additional points on the console to secure tools like fish grips and pliers, and geometry on the console facilitate rod staging for up to four rods. The unique QuickTrack system on the side of the console is handy for mounting t-bolt mounted accessories. Fits either in front of or behind the seat on your YuPIK. If mounted in front of the angler, simply loosen t-bolt and slide tray forward and backward as needed. If using rod staging feature, set rod butt in bottom of the console tray and let the opposite side of the tray's geometry cradle the rod (you will need a free slot on the console to use this feature).

Dimensions: 14" width x 19" length x 5" height. Storage Slot Dimensions: 14.25" length x 2.25" width.

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