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Vinyl-Tec Adhesives

Vinyl-Tec Adhesives


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This exceptionally strong one-step industrial strength adhesive creates a chemical bond between vinyl anchors and boats made from TFormex, Royalex, ABS R-Light (1996 and newer) that have vinyl outer layer(s).  Also works great on Kevlar and Fibreglass (composite boats).  It WILL NOT bond to Polyethylene (SP3(R), P3(R), RAM-X(R), Fortiflex(R), etc).

No mess, no waiting and no mixing. It allows you a lot of set up time, and it dries clear. Great for vinyl air bag and vinyl raft repairs.

Approximate coverage is 2000 cm2 (2.15 ft2)/ 100 mL (3.38 US oz.). This equals roughly:

  • 28 Vinyl Loop Patches
  • 18 Small Anchors such as the 1" Lightweight Anchors and 1" D-Ring Anchor
  • 10 Large Anchors such as the 1" Cam Buckle Anchor and 2" D-Ring Anchor

**Coverage is variable and subject to change relative to application method and substrate material.

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      Best bonding, with proper substrate preparation occurs at typical room temperatures, 18 - 21 C.  In practicality, the product can be used in a much wider range of temperatures and still be effective.  Set up times and final bond strengths will be affected by applying at lower or elevated temperatures.