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Jackson Kayaks

Transducer Kit

Transducer Kit


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For our Jackson kayaks with dedicated transducer scupper holes, this simple piece of thermoformed plastic, bungee and bead are all you’ll need to keep many transducers in place easily. Simply run the bungee through the top hole on your transducer, up through the holes in the thermoformed piece and secure with the bead on top. The tension on the bungee will keep your transducer in place and let you get on the fish with ease!

Will not work with oversized transducers.

Compatible with

  • Big Rig FD/HD
  • Big Rig
  • Big Tuna
  • Bite Angler
  • Bite FD
  • Bite Rec
  • Coosa FD
  • Coosa HD
  • Knarr FD
  • Kraken Series
  • Liska
  • Mayfly
  • Staxx
  • TakeTwo
  • YuPIK
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