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SpinRx Anchor Arm Swivel

SpinRx Anchor Arm Swivel


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Zigco proudly introduces the SpinRx Anchor Arm Swivel. This product is a swiveling eye bolt that attaches directly to a drift boat’s anchor arm.  Coupled with the SpinRx Swivel Pulley, these two products completely eliminate anchor rope twisting.  To install the SpinRx Anchor Arm Swivel, simply align the product on the anchor arm, mark the hole locations, and drill two holes for attachment.  Stainless steel hardware (bolts, washers and Nylok nuts) are supplied with every product.  We have received feedback from our SpinRx Swivel Pulley customers that they would like the rope attachment point to swivel like our pulley.  In our development efforts, we observed that allowing the anchor rope to swivel at the tie off point, the life of the rope is prolonged.  This product is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in Montana, USA.  The SpinRx product family is the ONLY prescription for a tangled anchor line!  

Product Features

  • CNC MACHINED. CNC machined anchor arm swivel from solid, aerospace-grade aluminum. The SpinRx is machined (not cast) which increases the overall durability and strength of the product. This product is designed to last and is able to withstand the abusive environment that an anchoring system experiences.

  • HARD ANODIZED. The SpinRx is hard anodized for better corrosion and wear resistance. Anodizing hardens the surface of the aluminum which makes our product bomb proof. This product is both lightweight and extremely durable.

  • ALL STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE. The SpinRx incorporates all stainless steel hardware which allows the product to be used in both fresh and salt water environments. The stainless steel hardware combined with the anodized aluminum components prevents corrosion and increases the life of the SpinRx. This product will not rust!

  • SEALED BALL BEARING. The SpinRx contains a sealed roller bearing which allows the anchor to spin independent of the anchor rope. The roller bearing is sealed, keeping out dirt and sand, and requires no lubrication over the lifetime of the product. This bearing is a high quality, stainless steel bearing, and will not rust.

  • MADE IN USA. Our product is proudly designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the USA. We stand behind our product and are proud to give you a high-quality, American-made product.

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