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Camano Paddle

Camano Paddle


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The Camano features Werner's most popular low-angle, mid-size blade design. The perfect paddle for kayakers who use a relaxed, all-around touring stroke and want gentle, efficient, all-day power.
  • Curved dihedral blade face reduces "flutter" and enhances maneuverability, helping you smoothly link strokes.
  • Premium fiberglass blade with carbon shaft construction provides lightweight responsiveness and durability.
  • Werner's exclusive Neutral Bent Shaft option positions your hands for the best balance, comfort and control, helping reduce discomfort in your wrists and arms.
  • Werner's exclusive Smart-View™ adjustable ferrule gives you a convenient two-piece paddle that looks and feels like a one-piece.
  • The Smart-View system lets you quickly and easily adjust the offset, or feather angle, of your paddle in 15 degree increments with right- or left-hand control.
  • The Adjustable Length option featuring LeverLock Technology allows paddlers to adjust the length of the paddle in 5cm increments for up to 20cm of adjustment.
  • Small diameter shafts are available and recommended for paddlers whose hand (from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger) measures 6 1/2" or smaller.
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      • Blade Material: Fiberglass
      • Blade Size: 16 cm W x 52 cm L (6.3" W x 20.5" L)
      • Blade Surface Area: 650 sq cm / 100.7 sq in
      • Blade Shape: Asymmetrical
      • Shaft Material: Fiberglass/carbon blend
      • Shaft Shape: Straight or Bent
      • Feather: Adjustable SmartView ferrule 0-75 degrees
      • Breakdown: Yes - 2 pieces
      • Control: Right or left hand
      • Small Shaft Stocked: Yes
      • Weight: Straight Shaft is 26.75 oz ( g)
      • Weight: Bent Shaft is 29 oz (824 g)
      • Application:
        Touring - low angle
      • Best all around touring blade design - mid-size blade
      • Dihedral blade face and Asymmetrical design create a smooth forward stroke
      • Light swing weight reduces fatigue


      Adjustable ferrules are built with fine tolerances for a precise fit. Sand, silt or salt left inside the ferrule will interfere with adjustability. After each use, take the paddle apart and thoroughly rinse the ferrule with warm water. Dry before reassembling.