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Articulating Camera Mount

Articulating Camera Mount


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The articulating camera mount is a clean, simple solution to the issue of camera mounting. It features the new YakAttack ScrewBall, a 1" ball mount that is durable and made in the USA. Compatible with YakAttack MightyMount’s, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems from Scotty Fishing Products, RAM Mounts, and YakGear. For FeelFree Kayaks, 3 Water Kayaks, and Jonny Boats you will need an adapter to be compatible. We offer the needed adapter in a single pack (AAP-1012) and a six pack (AAP-1012-6).

One of the most frustrating moments for photographers and videographers is when you purchase a camera mount and you find out it doesn't work with your GoPro (or vise versa). We solved the issue by including both a standard 1/4-20 camera ball (which fits most standard cameras) and a GoPro attachment, enabling you to get the perfect shot, regardless of the equipment you're using.

Utilizes the YakAttack ScrewBall
Simple design perfect for on-the-go camera rigging
Features the new YakAttack Camera Ball
For use with camera utilizing a 1/4-20 mount or GoPro Cameras
Only for cameras weighing under 3 lbs
5.5" Tall
Can utilize the DBMM11 for additional height

Made in the USA
Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee

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