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Bending Branches

Angler Pro Versa-Lok

Angler Pro Versa-Lok


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The kayak fishing paddle even professionals dream about.

  • The 6x winner of ‘Angler Paddle of the Year’ award as voted by consumers in the YakAngler awards, marking it the best paddle in fishing.
  • Blade patterns designed and selected by Bending Branches' ProStaff and Ambassador teams
  • The Angler Pro is commonly used by Bending Branches team members and competitive anglers for the optimal combination of weight savings and performance for the dollar.
  • Compression molded fiberglass blades are renowned for their weight and longevity. Fiberglass composite blades lay-up save many ounces in a paddle, resulting in an easy paddling stroke and less fatigue at the end of the day. The cross dimensional fiber weave mean the blades have a slightly amount of flex and forgiveness to them, so they may wear but tend to hold up well over the long-haul.
  • The blades shape design is renowned for offering a silky-smooth forward stroke with zero tolerance for fluttering, preserving your energy for longer paddling trips.
  • 105 sq. inch blade it the ideal size for horsepower and control with the heavily loaded fishing kayaks. It’s slightly bigger than some fishing paddles, but the larger size means it can handle trickier conditions and more weight.
  • 100% carbon shaft is the lightest material available, so paddling is less fatiguing and more enjoyable on longer trips. The carbon weave is tight and secure, making it one of the strongest options available.
  • The shaft is ovalized where the hands go for more comfort and control, and to limit the chances for blisters.
  • Versa-Lok offers 15cm of additional length and infinite feathering options, and does so with an easy to use and understand system that is secure (no disengagement), robust (will hold form for a very long time), and resistant to corrosion (nylon plastic and stainless steel parts).
  • Versa-Lok offers longer sizes than the previous generation of paddles, making it ideal for wider or bigger kayaks and the high seat position.
  • The Versa-Lok clamping system is backed by structural and cyclical testing, plus a decade of on-water use.
  • Carbon ferrule insert is light, tight, and right for the long haul. This is a sizable upgrade over plastic or glass ferrule inserts.
  • 40-inch tape measure on shaft is a sizing guide, allowing you to verify catches on the spot 
  • Proudly hand built in Osceola, Wisconsin, USA, by a team of paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Shaft Material: 100% Carbon
Blade Material: Compression Molded Fiberglass
Blade Size: 7.25” x 18” (105 sq. in.) (677.4 sq. cm)
Weight: 30 oz. (850 g)
Ferrule Angles: Infinite

*Tape measure is not an official measuring tool for competitive angling or to determine the legality of a catch. Tape measure print may vary in accuracy due to the manufacturing process.

Some of our Bending Branches paddles are built to order and ship directly from their factory. As soon as you place your order, a real person in our Osceola, Wisconsin factory will start preparing your paddle. Shipping windows vary by product. Thank you for supporting American manufacturing!
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        • Blade Material: Fiberglass
        • Blade Size: 16 cm W x 52 cm L (6.3" W x 20.5" L)
        • Blade Surface Area: 650 sq cm / 100.7 sq in
        • Blade Shape: Asymmetrical
        • Shaft Material: Fiberglass/carbon blend
        • Shaft Shape: Straight or Bent
        • Feather: Adjustable SmartView ferrule 0-75 degrees
        • Breakdown: Yes - 2 pieces
        • Control: Right or left hand
        • Small Shaft Stocked: Yes
        • Weight: Straight Shaft is 26.75 oz ( g)
        • Weight: Bent Shaft is 29 oz (824 g)
        • Application:
          Touring - low angle
        • Best all around touring blade design - mid-size blade
        • Dihedral blade face and Asymmetrical design create a smooth forward stroke
        • Light swing weight reduces fatigue


        Adjustable ferrules are built with fine tolerances for a precise fit. Sand, silt or salt left inside the ferrule will interfere with adjustability. After each use, take the paddle apart and thoroughly rinse the ferrule with warm water. Dry before reassembling.