Hull Technology

The following is an overview of the hull technology integrated into our boats.

Binder: First Water utilizes a USDA BioPreferredSM epoxy rated for marine applications to bind all the layers.

Exterior Finish: The exterior surface is a gel coat with superior abrasion resistance.  This tough and strong surface coat is formulated to withstand rigid marine requirements.  It provides 100% waterproof protection over the long term, retains a high gloss appearance, and has excellent weather-ability.  It is also a low odor, ZERO VOC and non toxic coating! 

Customers can choose between a clear gel coat highlighting the natural beauty of underlying materials or a solid color.  For those operating in rocky environments a polymer coating over the gel coat provides further impact and wear resistance.

Reinforcements: Fiberglass reinforcements are the most economical option and can be glassed clear to highlight the natural grains of wood.  Carbon fiber reinforcements offer a lighter, stronger, and stiffer alternative to fiberglass but at an added cost.  Optional layers of Kevlar®, a Dupont Aramid fabric used in bullet proof armor, can be added for excellent resistance to fatigue and rock damage. 

Core: First Water works with balsa wood, honeycomb, marine grade plywood, and softwood core materials to meet a variety of customer needs. 

  • Balsa wood lightweight cores have excellent resistance to impact damage.  They offer an exceptionally high ratio of stiffness to weight.  These traits combined with its high strength makes it an ideal material for those looking for high performance durable boats. 
  • Honeycomb cores provide the ultimate in lightweight options but are less resistant to impact damage. 
  • Softwoods provide a beauty never mimicked by the other materials but require greater care and maintenance. 

Interior Finish: The interior and deck surfaces are primed and painted with an advanced bio-based technology.  The primer is a breathable, uniquely hard yet flexible topcoat for the ultimate in durability.  Incorporated are also 100% recycled mineral fillers that create a non-slip and abrasion resistance layer.  They have ZERO VOCs, are non-flammable and contain no hazardous components!