Canoe Selector

Canoe Selector

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Need help deciding on the best canoe for you?  Check out the following Clipper Canoe web pages to learn more about their awesome product lineup and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Canoe Design

Every canoe design is a combination of several different elements of design. Each element has advantages and disadvantages.

Clipper Canoe Buying Guide

A comprehensive list of Clipper canoe specifications. 

Canoe Selector Chart

Be sure to check out their Canoe Selector chart to see each canoe's recommended applications. 

Canoe Construction Materials

Clipper canoes area available in a variety of different fiberglass and Kevlar composite layups to meet your needs. 

Trim Options

Available in standard silver aluminum or black anodized aluminum trim.  Add plastic gunnel protectors for storing your canoe on its gunnels. 

Performance System

The Clipper Performance System offers the ultimate in paddling comfort, control and efficiency.

Clipper Canoe Performance System


Are you looking to customize your Clipper Canoe?  We offer a variety of services including motor mounts, third row seats, sliding bucket seats, custom yokes, lashing kits, rowing rigs, spray skirt installation, and thigh pads.

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